Here are the results of some polls taken on this site:

Personally, I've always been into guys with short hair, even as I've grown mine (it looks like Brad Pitt's in the photo shown). I was curious to see if most guys feel as I do. Turns out they do, for the most part.

Before posting this age poll and seeing the results, I'd figured that most would say that under 30 years old would be seen as the hottest age (based on the media's sales-driven propaganda, of course).  Only 38% said 30 years old and under are hottest, while 52% said 40 and older. They are the middle aged guys. 

Seems most guys aren't into serious body builders. The blonde kid looks like he's right out 70s gay porn. Give it up to the washboard, the guy above. I'd like to know how much of that is actually the washboard and how much is just the fact that it's a killer picture of 'em.

I wasn't surprised to see the guy upper right get more votes After, but I was surprised to see it was only 3 out of 4 voters. Skinny dude up top was close, but the natural shot got a few more votes. Too close to call. Guy on the left looks like he's wearing a corset. Have a fucking hamburger yo.