Frequently UNASKED Questions

Do you screen? Yes, I do.  I offer an invitation to approxiately 75% of men who RSVP.  Regarding guys’ bodies, I screen for height/weight proportional.  I do not look for gym bodies, though some come; I tend toward naturally hot, which is my type.  Attendees often tell me how great the guys are.  This is because I screen for “great guys.”  If someone seems like he’s got an attitude or if he’s looking for all gym guys, I don’t offer an invitation.

Will I be “attacked” by someone I’m not into?  Not likely.  Guys tend to feel each other out, before feeling them up.  It’s generally a very respectful situation.  If a guy comes up and puts his hand on someone’s dick, and the guy nicely moves it away, he likely won’t do it again.  I’m a nice guy, but men who might tend to be a little inappropriate, in this regard, have been around long enough to recognize when their antics won’t be tolerated, and I project that image (even through my smile and joviality).

Will I be the only one there?  Only if you’re the first guy.  Some parties, there are a dozen guys in the first hour, other parties maybe five.  Depends on the night.  Guys continue to come, until 10:30.  Not that many guys after that time, maybe four or five.  Even if you’re the first guy, you can relax in the back, listening to some good tunes.

What if it’s early and there are only a few of us, but we’re not into each other?  Then you’d all either sit there silently or chat about whatever, while other guys are coming in.  One of my trips is inviting guys who are like me: relatively low-key, cool, and respectful.  Suffice to say it’s comfortable.

Are my belongings safe?  450+ parties and never one issue.  I’m very aware of the clothing bag area and my main rule is that I get the bag when someone’s ready to leave, so you don’t see someone grabbing at the bags without me.

Will you know where my bag is?  F’shnizzel?  There aren’t any naked men lost in my apartment without their clothes.  I’m organized.

Is the host an intimidating dick?  Nope.  I’ll match someone who may be trying to intimidate me, but that’s scarce.

Will there be a bunch of old fat guys there?  I don’t care how old a guy is, so there will certainly be guys in their 50s (my favorite group), and perhaps one or two over 60, but the average age is early-mid 40s.  There are usually three-to-five guys in their 20s.  As far as weight, almost all guys are height/weight proportional.  I don’t care if someone stretches that a bit.

I’m 55.  Will I be the oldest guy there?  Maybe, maybe not.  Again, it depends on the night.  Regardless, age isn’t a concern.  20-somethings who are nervous about attending a party where there are 55-year-olds won’t come.

Do I have to remove all my clothes?  Wear whatever you want.  You’re an adult and it’s your party, too.  Whatever makes you feel comfortable.  If you change your mind and want to put your underwear in the bag, that’s fine.

Do I have to participate?  No way.  Just figure that, for most things, I’m pretty libertarian, meaning I prefer not to tell people what to do.  You’re an adult. 

Will I be the only black/latino/asian/middle eastern/you name it there?  Probably not.  Depends on the night.  But it is usually 2/3 white.

Is the bathroom gross?  The whole place is clean, especially the bathroom.  Gross bathrooms shkeeve me, so I keep it the way I’d like it as an attendee using it, regularly cleaning the toilet and floor with Clorox spray.

I’m a bottom and I may need to clean out.  Are there enemas?  Yes, there almost always are.  Once in a while, later on in the party, they may run out, but that seldom happens.  This party is very bottom-friendly.

Will I be the only bottom/top there?  Sometimes it’s a little slanted one way or another, but it’s usually balanced.