Saturday, August 19, 2017

Next Party Sunday 8/27 (not 8/20)

The next party will be on Sunday 8/27, 7PM.  All three parties for the week of 8/20 have been cancelled: Sunday 8/20, Tuesday 8/22, and Thursday 8/24.  My best friend from back in the 1990s is getting out of prison after two years, and I want to be with him for that.  

So again, the next party will be FUSION on Sunday 8/27, 7PM to 11PM (doors 10PM).  I hope none of y'all gets blue balls. :(

Email me at for details.  Not about blue balls, but about the parties. lol

Be sure to get your info directly from the host (i.e., my emails and blog), instead of relying on an outside source, like a friend or someone else's sex blog.  

Please do not give my cell number or address to anyone. If you think someone would like the parties, then have them go through the regular process by emailing me.  I don't respond to calls or texts for info.

Note that, upon arriving at the building, please text "Here" to me to be let in; do not ring the bell and don't call.  I'll immediately buzz you in.  The buzzer goes for 6 seconds; please get through both doors on a single buzz and come right up to the 2nd floor.  Please don't follow someone else in; use the text system so I know you're coming up and not making someone in the building feel uncomfortable about letting in a stranger, and so I know you're coming up the stairs.

The building is 449, so be sure you're at the correct building.

Please note the hours.

Thank you guys.