Monday, April 4, 2016

Matchers: Bringing Back Date Bait – Post #72

For information about Matchers, please email me at

Do you remember Date Bait?  It was a gay dating service held at The Center on West 13th Street in Manhattan, and it ran from about 1997 to 2009 (or so).  I didn’t run the event, but from ’97 until ’03, I did attend five or six of them, going on many dates.  Even back then, while I was an advertising executive, I loved it and was keen on doing my own version of it. 

It’s time to bring it back!  So here it is, updated for a more internet-savvy crowd.  It’s called Matchers.

Note that this is a clothed event.  If you stay for the sex party afterward, you can go naked or wear underwear.

Here’s how Date Bait worked: 50-70 guys would assemble in a large room, with seats arranged around the perimeter, so that everyone could see each other.  At the door, each person was given a pencil, a sheet of paper for notes, a scantron sheet (Google it if you don’t know what that is), and a “Hi my name is” nametag with a number on it instead of a name.

Going around the room, each guy would stand up and speak about himself for two minutes, telling everyone whatever they think is relevant for the purpose of dating.  Most of the guys were nervous about doing this, but since we were all in the same proverbial boat, we all found the courage to speak.  Of all the events I attended, I can recall only one person who opted not to speak about himself.

The number of guys who attended would obviously dictate exactly how long that portion of the evening lasted, two minutes per person.  Once everyone spoke, there would be a 30-minute “getting to know you” period, when questions could be asked of potential matches and notes taken.

After the 30-minute period, everyone would fill in his scantron sheet with the codes of the guys he wanted to go on a date with.  He’d hand it in, whereby the host would run each sheet through a scantron machine, which would print out only the matches.  This way, if “Mike” chose “Sam,” but “Sam” did not choose “Mike,” then “Sam” would never know that “Mike” chose him.  That way, there’s no potential embarrassment.  But since “Mike” also chose “Jerome,” and “Jerome” did also choose “Mike,” then they were each notified of the match.  They’d then exchange contact information for the purpose of setting up a date. 

Each guy could select as many guys as he wanted and, by “selection,” I mean filling in a guy’s numerical code on the scantron sheet.

Matchers will not seek to reinvent the wheel, but rather update it in a way that uses the internet to notify guys of his matches.

The first Matchers event will be held at the Rainbow Playground in Astoria, Queens, which is where I’ve been hosting sex parties on Wednesdays, since last September.  I have been in contact with The Center, and will host there, too, but since many of you guys are already familiar with the Rainbow Playground, we’ll have at least the first one there, possibly many more. 

Each participant will still be given a nametag with a numerical code, a sheet of paper for notes, and a pencil, but Matchers will differ from Date Bait, in part, by not using a scantron.  Rather, each guy will be given a sheet with a grid on it, with guys’ numerical codes already printed.  You’ll merely be asked to check off the box which coincides with the code of the man you want to go on a date with.  I’ll take them all home and figure the matches there (I’ve got Asperger’s, so I’m really good at this stuff!).  Once that’s completed, I’ll email you with your matches, including the picture(s) he chose to use for this, his email address, and his basic stats like top/bottom/vers, zip code, and age.  Keep your notes for other, more specific details about him.  I will not share anyone’s cell number, unless notified to do so.

In which case, before attending the event, guys are encouraged to email me with his picture and the stats I just outlined.  If not, I’ll only be able to share your email address with the guys you’ve matched with.

Our first event will not be specific about who attends – I’m curious to see who attends, as you probably are – but at some point, they will be geared to specific groups.  Date Bait did this, where they’d have one for 40-somethings , white collar workers, etc.  When I was in my 20s and 30s, I preferred guys in their 40s and 50s; I always have.  But I realize that most guys prefer to date within their age group, and that there are likely more older looking for younger, than the reverse.  That’s ok.  I’ll take in a lot of feedback from you guys, and stat-theme the events accordingly.

The Matchers portion of the evening would last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.  Afterward, the “regular” sex party would already be in full swing, whereby you could get to know guys…even better.  I’ll still be there, so if you decide you want to add (or subtract) someone from your list, you’re able to do so.

Here’s the timeline for the Rainbow Playground event, which would differ slightly if held at The Center (no sex party there!):

6:30PM – Doors open for Matchers.  Guys get chips & drinks, start taking their seats.

7:05PM – Doors close for Matchers, event begins.  Scott (me) greets the group and explains how Matchers works.

7:15 – Participants begin taking turns speaking about themselves, for two minutes each.

7:30 – Sex party portion of the evening begins for guys who are not there for the Matchers event, just for the sex party.

(appr) 9:00/9:15* – Speaking portion of Matchers event ends.  Guys fill in their grid forms and turn them in to Scott.

(appr) 9:15/9:30 – Matchers portion of the evening ends.  Guys may stay for the sex party at no additional charge.

*At least for the first event (depending on feedback and how it goes), there will be no “getting to know you” portion of the event, other than perhaps the actual sex party.

This is a dating event, but matches could ostensibly be platonic, as well.  I ask that all matches be honored, whereby some sort of meet-up must happen to make this event ethical, but no one’s telling you it must end up being romantic; great friendships can me made this way, too.

Our first Matchers event will be on Wednesday, April 20th, at the Rainbow Playground, starting at 7PM.  Please email me at for more information, or to give input on how to make it a success. 

Thanks guys.  I have the same feeling about this as I had seven years ago, when I started the parties.  I’m very confident about it and enthusiastically looking forward.

The Örgy Guy