Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Who’s Invited (and Who’s Not); My Personality – Post #69


On Friday, May 29th, we’re having a new COÜPLES party, exclusively for couples.  Please read the last blog post for deets.


I’ve already written about how I screen and who comes to my parties, but I’d to add a little to it. 

I carefully word my ads and correspondence with guys, so that all, or as many as possible, guys show up who want to be there.  I have no interest in guys showing up, if they’re not into it, just to increase numbers or whatever. 

And when a guy goes to a party, it’s incumbent upon him to know what the party is going to be like, before he goes.  I offer a lot of information, so I don’t get many questions.   If he goes assuming it’ll be one thing, even though the information provided doesn’t lead to believe that, then he’s…well, he’s an idiot.

If you want to go to a sex party where all the guys “go to the gym 4-5x a week,” then you need to qualify that with the host by reading the information he gave to you; and if that’s not clear enough, then ask him. 

When screening, if I get the impression that the guy is expecting guys who…“go to the gym 4-5x a week,” I politely tell him that it isn’t a match, that I don’t think this is his scene. 

That isn’t to say that guys who do work out that often aren’t coming to the parties, because they are.  They either because they just don’t want to go to a muscle dude party, or because I offer things here, which tilt the scale in my favor (quality of the men, the space, location, cleanliness, trust in the host, etc.).

If you’re new to the party scene, you need to rely on yourself, to be savvy enough to know what you’re actually doing.  But if you don’t, and you don’t like the experience (that everyone else there seems to be enjoying), be responsible for your own poor decision.

And don’t go badmouthing that party.  Nor shaming men.  Society does enough of that, already.

Oh, and I don’t give a shit how old guys are.  He could be 18, he could be 70, I get both, and I’m happy for the diversity.   It’s assholes that I’m prejudiced against.


As a host, I try to be as kind and professional as I can.  I usually am, which I know many regulars would attest to.  But as far as being sociable, I’m pretty disabled.  Literally.  I have Asperger Syndrome.  My whole life, my ability to be sociable, in a way that most everyone else is able, has been a struggle.  I was better at it when I was a drinker, but I had to put a stop that (eight years ago).  So it’s just me now.

I get the irony of how I host parties, yet am so socially inept.  And I do like irony.

Further irony is that this has been the thing that I’m best at, as far as having to work with other people.  I get to be selective about the kinds of people I surround myself with.  So actually having so many guys in my house, so often, is totally cool by me.  I need to be around people, I can’t completely isolate myself, and I do enjoy having the parties and having you guys here; it’s just that I sometimes have a tough time with small talk and such. 

I figure guys are here for the sex, anyway, not for me.


This Thursday is the first ERUPTIÖN party we’ve had in a while.  A ton of new guys have signed up.   Plus a lot of  “I can’t wait” feedback, just for this party.

Far out.

The Örgy Guy

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