Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Going Safe (so to speak), TRÎPS, Recycling – Post #65

I’ve been a gambler but I’m nobody’s fool
And I sure know something, sure know something
You showed me things they never taught me in school
And I sure know something, sure know something
No one can make me feel the way that you do
And I sure know something, aha

“Sure Know Something,” KISS ‘79

Tuesday, 8/26/14 2:52PM
At home

I was a big KISS fan, as a kid.  Mostly in 1979, at the age of ten.  Then I “graduated” to Styx, then to Rush.  But I’ve been listening to a lot of KISS, lately, having been reading a newish book on their first few years of existence.  Pretty inspiring, the way they had to perservere and not compromise their vision, even when they were peanut-butter-on-bread, flat out broke.

It even got me to buy an electric guitar, which has been a lot of fun.


For over five years, I’ve had parties which have catered to safe sex guys (PEÄK), as well as parties which have catered to bareback guys (ERUPTIÖN).  Last September, the site I used to use to advertise the bareback parties stopped allowing us, the weekly hosts, from advertising our parties there.  As a consequence, the number of bareback guys on my list has consistently become fewer.  As a further consequence, bareback parties have been all but eliminated from my schedule.

I tried replacing the bareback parties with FÜSION, a party which combines both the SSers and the BBers on my list, which is what most other hosts do.  What ended up happening was there weren’t that many BBers coming to those parties, since my list of BBers continued to atrophy, and many SSers prefer parties which are “exclusively” safe (I don’t require anyone to practice a particular type, since it’s not any of my business).

The PEÄK parties have been getting awesome turnouts, while the FÜSION parties haven’t been very well attended.  Therefore, we’re going to an all PEÄK schedule.  If any of the BBers on the list want me to host an occasional ERUPTIÖN, they have to do two things: 1) email me to let me know they want it and 2) actually SHOW UP.  I’ve still got many, many bareback guys on my list, some of whom tell me they want ERUPTIÖN, but when the party happens, they don’t show up.

If you want something, in life, you have to back up your words.  You have to support it or it will go away.  Proverbially, it’s about action, not mere words.

This isn’t about me deciding I only want safe sex occuring in my apartment; it’s all about the way the parties are supported.

And please, if you see two guys having bareback sex here, get over it.  Let people be, instead of (as one guy recently put it to me) “freaking out.”  If you don’t like it, then don’t focus on it.  Be existential, instead of judgmental.

We’re all here to have a great time, in our own, individual ways.

If we have a FÜSION or ERUPTIÖN party, in the future, it’ll be because I think it’ll have a good turnout.

I’m looking forward to a great fall season.


Having said that, I would like to try a new party concept, which I’ve had in mind for several years, but have never tried: TRÎPS.

TRÎPS is a party where guys can bring whatever trip they’re on, which could be leather, rubber, gas mask, bondage (I have clothes-line rope and some lone ranger type masks), even drag.  The only things I wouldn’t want are those that cause a mess or a stink, like watersports and scat.  I realize how popular pissing is, but I just don’t have the type of space for that, the cleaning up part.  And I don’t happen to have a tub dedicated to it...although, now that I think about it, maybe if someone gets pissed on in my bathroom tub...just thinking out loud, here.  If that’s your trip, we could discuss it.

You certainly don’t have to be on any sort of weirded out trip, to attend, but if you are, this is your party.  And if you aren’t, come watch.

The first one will be on Friday, September 12th.


For those who are curious: Yes, I do recycle.  If you bring cans of beer, you can put the empty in the kitchen sink, instead of the garbage.  I often fish through the garbages, after parties, if I hear cans clinking inside.  But I don’t freak out if you put them in the garbage.  Same thing goes for the plastic clothes bags: if you prefer to rip your bag open, when retrieving your clothes, I don’t care.  It’s not the end of the world.  If it’s not ripped, though, I absolutely do save them, to be re-used, next party. 

The Örgy Guy

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