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DISCÔBALL Party, Power of Equality – Post #62

The power of equality
Is not yet what it ought to be
It fills me up like a hollow tree
The power of equality

“The Power of Equality,” RHCP ‘91

Monday, 7/7/14 4:52 PM
At home

The PRIDE party received the most guys I’ve ever had, which was almost as many guys as Lidell got here, the night before (which is a lot, yo).

I rarely, if ever, divulge real numbers online.

  Ö Ö Ö

Sometimes guys ask me if I recycle.  I do. 

The paper doesn’t always get recyled, at this building, so I bring all of it (including the bazillion paper towel rolls!) to the recycling cans outside the main 8th Avenue post office.  Recently, as I was doing just that, another guy came up with his own bag of recyclables.  I explained to him what I was doing, and he told me he was doing the same thing, that they don’t recycle in his office.

None of us can do enough of it.


Since the VÏSCERA party on Friday 6/20 was so well received – well enough to have another one on Friday 7/25 – let’s try another musical concept: DISCÔBALL.  It’ll be all 70s disco, ranging from The Hustle in 1974, to Take Your Time Do It Right in 1980.  The demarkation, going from 70s disco to 80s dance, is Funky Town...even though it was released in 1979.

This is similar to the concept used at the East Village club, Pyramid, called 1984.  They only played music from that time period, which was a lot of fun for those of us who were around back then...as well as those who weren’t.

I was a little kid, in the 70s, but my favorite thing in the world was music.  I had lots of 45s and Ronko compilation albums.  I’d sit, “indian style,” with the record spinning in front of me.  One, after another, after another.  That’s how my parents would punish me: take away my records.  One time, I was singing along to “Boogie Fever,” when my sister and her friend barged in and laughed.  Lori, my six-years-older-sister, remembers that.

Taking the clothes off my GI Joes was much fun, too.  I just didn’t sing along to it.

We’ll have a DISCÔBALL party, sometime in August.


A reminder about the vibe of these parties:

I love diversity.  That’s a good thing, considering I live in New York City.  Everyone who lives here ought at least like diversity, otherwise they’re living in the wrong town.

I also love equality.  There’s a resonance to it that’s like a mentally harmonic convergence.  Different peoples coming together and contributing to a whole, which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Race, age, background, body type, dick size.  These are all differences that, to me, make for a very relaxed and cool vibe.  I may be a 45-year-old white guy, but that doesn’t mean I only look for guys like me.  I have my personal preferences, sexually, but they’re my preferences.  Parties should be more like a smorgsbord, than a trip to Five Guys where you only get a burger and fries (even though they’re awesome).

The vibe is also non-judgmental and cool.  Being naked can make one feel vulnerable, to the less judgement, the better.  This is one of the finer aspects to the parties I host.

I want you, and all of my other guests, to feel as comfortable as possible.  Everyone should feel equal.


So, after a week off, let the parties begin!  Welcome back.

The Örgy Guy

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