Sunday, December 29, 2013

Late Night Cruising NYC Blog

The following is a message from the purveyor of a relatively new party/cruising listing site, called Late Night Cruising NYC, who is a very nice guy and very smart, as well.  I hope you'll check it out:

As this year wraps up, I want to take this time to welcome newcummers and thank fellow followers of this blog. What started out as a way to talk about my sexual escapades turned into a hybrid of gay cruising in NYC. Some men don't know what's available and others aren't research gurus, thus I created this blog to make it easier for men living and visiting New York City to go out and hook up, whether's one-on-one pic-sharing, or anonymous on Craigslist, to blowjob bandits at gloryhole booths at Adult bookstores, to dickpigs at sex parties, and special sex events. This blog was created to introduce men - young and old to the wonderful underground world of cruising. Sure, you can use app such as Grindr, but unless you're an adonis with ample amount of free time, hooking up can be exhausting. You can't say what you're into without looking desperate and the whole charade of pretending to look for friends only but secretly looking to fuck is insane.
After attending The Black Party event and several of Daniel Nardicio's underwear parties, I was horny for more.  I couldn't wait for another orgy like that, again, or for the next DN party in a month or two.  So, I went searching on the web for other parties that offer the same atmosphere. During my research, I discovered the Adventures in Group Sex blog, which changed my life. My first group sex private party was at The Orgy Guy, which got me hooked on group sex.  I can't believe I’ve been going to this party for almost a year.
Attending many sex parties can become very costly, especially if you're on a tight budget. So, I started checking out free or inexpensive places to cruise, like The Cock ($10 most nights) and The Eagle (always FREE), and that's when I rediscovered I was with them for many years; however, their technology didn't keep up with the changing times, but that all changed a few years ago, and now they have updates on the latest spaces to cruise.
I visited many places and I realized that they were diamonds in the rough, if only more people knew about it. Many of these places don't have many guys visit the ; however, if the right amount of guys knew about it, the place would definitely be a hot spot to go to. With so much of our lives being videotaped, snapped, and posted everywhere, we need places we can go to for escape and be our true selves without worrying about someone whipping out their camera and taking unsolicited pics.
That's where the art of cruising comes in. You don't need to give out your personal info, you don't have to worry about people copying your photo and sharing it with their friends in lust or disgust. It's primal, organic and highly stimulating to go out and hunt your next fuck meal. So go out, enjoy, and feast on the men in this great city. New York City offers so many men of different ethnicities, builds, personalities and fetishes along with places to play and indulge in life's greatness pleasure.
I am never one to pass judgment about one's sexual identity, whether gay, straight, bi, down-low, bi-curious, or none of the above. I just want to give guys a guide to the wonders of New York.  As time goes by, I know this blog will give guys many options and varies to utilize during their stay or visit in New York City.
I want to sincerely thank you all for checking this blog out and using it to get your fuck on or suck on or whatever gets you off. I hope this blog helped you achieve it more easily.

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