Thursday, February 7, 2013

Manhattan Neighborhoods, Survey Results So Far – Post #51

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Believe me, there'd be plenty of women going for these pig-men. Whatever the deformity is there's always some group of perverts that's attracted to it. "Oo that little tail really turns me on."

~ Seinfeld, George and Jerry, “The Bris”

Thursday, 2/7/13 11:47 AM
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So far, 80 guys have taken the new survey. Some of the results are surprising, like the percentage of guys in monogamous vs. open relationships, the number of sex parties they’ve been to, and where guys tend to fall on the bottom/vers/top scale. 

So please take the survey if you haven’t yet.  It doesn’t ask any HIV questions, it only takes about 4 minutes, and it’s anonymous (your email address doesn’t show up).  It’s got more in-depth questions than the first one in 2010 and it includes age, race, and location, so the results will have more meaning and relevance.


I love Manhattan.  I realized this in 1987, when I was 18 years old, walking around The West Village and SoHo.  It took me ten years to actually move here.  By the time I arrived in Hell’s Kitchen in ’97, The West Village was still the gay place to be, but Chelsea was quickly taking over.  Then, by the Year 2000, Hell’s Kitchen was getting gayer, as evidenced by the bars that were opening there.

The “gayness” of Hell’s Kitchen is also evident by the percentage of guys who come to my parties.  Overall, 10% of attendees are from HK.  Considering I’m in the East Village, that it takes longer to travel here, I have to figure that number would likely be higher if I were still hosting in The West Village.  It’s a subway thing.

The same goes for guys coming from Chelsea and The WV, as they’re both on the west side, as well.  Combined, those two neighborhoods account for 25% of my attendees, which matches the number of guys coming from my own neighb, The EV and Alphabet City: also 25%.  Add the Lower East Side and it increases to 31%, about one-third of all attendees.  Combine The WV, Chelsea, and HK, and we get a percentage of 35%. 

Which means the next place I move to will likely be the west side.

Back in the late 90s, I had a friend who insisted that Gramercy was the next area to become more gay.  He was wrong, as Gramercy only accounts for 2% of the guys who come to my parties; and it’s an easier trip than, say, The Upper West Side (6%).  A few other notable neighbs who have a very small showing of gay men are SoHo (3%), TriBeCa (1%), Midtown East (0%!), and The Upper East Side (4%).

These numbers always get more interesting when it’s broken down to safe sex and bareback parties.  According to my data, the Manhattan neighborhoods with men who tend to practice safer sex are from The East Village, Gramercy (given such a small number), Midtown West, The Upper West Side, and The West Village.  More barebackers are coming from Chelsea, Alphabet City, Harlem West, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Lower East Side.  The biggest difference is HK: 14% bareback, 5% safe sex.

The West Village is an intriguing case.  There aren’t that many gay men under, say, 50 years old there.  Those guys used to be in their 20s, but as the neighborhood has become more and more gentrified (read: expensive and non-rent-controlled), fewer young gay men have moved to The WV, opting instead for the more reasonable Chelsea (then, as Chelsea rents went up, Hell’s Kitchen became the new landing pad).  What makes this intriguing to me is that the older WV guys likely remember the loss of so many gay men in the 80s and early 90s to AIDS, that they committed to safe sex a long time ago.  One member once said to me, “I lost too many friends in the 80s for me to have bareback sex.  I’d be dishonoring their memory.”  This is even more interesting when considering that, typically, the older a guy is, the less likely he actually is to have safe sex (according to all my combined data).

That’s for a later post, the age breakouts.  I’ll also show you who’s coming from which boroughs, as well as who’s coming from which states and which countries.


Has it been cold, lately?  Well yeah, but that doesn’t seem to stop guys from coming out.  A couple of weeks ago, when the temperature outside dipped into the teens, we had excellent turnouts.  Even I was surprised.  The clothes bags were friggin’ huge, but I never ran out of space. 

Snow is a little more of a crapshoot, though.  Sometimes, we get a lot of guys; other times, not so much.  Guys who don’t come when it snows likely aren’t doing it because “I don’t want to leave the warmth of my house,” but more because of the notion that other guys won’t come. 

Now if y’all just stopped worrying about that...

New Yorkers are a pretty tough bunch, but not so much when it comes to inclement weather.  However, sex should trump that.  We are men, damnit!

The Örgy Guy