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Who Wants to Get Pounded? (Poll Results Exhibit B) – Post #46

Stars aglow like scattered sparks
Span the sky in clockwork arcs
Hint at more than we can see
Spiritual machinery

                   ~ ”Clockwork Angels,” N. Peart ‘12

Monday, 12/10/12 8:07 PM
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Data are the mechanics, the guts and organs, the truth and the reality.  The rest is mostly just ideological guessing.  It’s the difference between sensing the time of day and actually looking at a clock.


This is the second installment of the results from the 2010 sex survey I posted on surveymonkey.  Last week’s blog post talked a little bit about the basics: top, bottom, vers; safe sex or bareback; and a little about fetishes.  This week, we’re looking at who likes a good pounding and who’s more into the slow & steady, while also getting more into the fetishes.

The actual graphs are on theorgyguy.com. 


I’m a voyeur, so I was curious to see who’s into a good ass pounding vs. slow & steady fucking.  I asked the question because I was curious to see if bottoms and tops differered, but the more interesting aspect to me turned out to be how safesexers and barebackers answered. Of those who answered this question, the Barebacker and Safesexer pie charts each include both bottoms and tops, while the Those Who Bottom and Those Who Top graphs represent safesexers and barebackers.   Also, I’ve only included those who were either strictly safe or bareback, not including those who said “Depends,” in this regard.

According to this limited sample, those who bottom tend to like getting pounded a full third more than tops like to give it.  I’d have guessed the opposite, given my own experiences.  I often see tops getting their frustrations out, while bottoms intimate to me that older guys tend to be better tops because we don’t always fuck like we’re trying to split the bottom in half.  So seeing how much bottoms like to be pounded surprised me. I’m in the 76% percentile, as a top – I like to mix it up.

Safesexers here like a pounding about as much as the Slow & Steady, but the difference is that barebackers prefer a good pounding considerably more than those who only play safe.  I don’t truly know what this means, but one could infer that barebackers are more “all out,” as opposed to safesexers, who may tend to being more patient and reserved. 

But that is only conjecture.

For fetishes, the poll asked guys to name what their into, unprompted, as opposed to having them read a list then check them off.  This way, it’s more pure and unfettered by suggestion.  In reading a list, one is more likely to say, “Oh yeah, I’m into that too...and that one and that one and that one...”  I prefer to see what comes to mind.

I’m not at all surprised to see that the Gang Bang is the most popular fantasy, but seeing Bondage & Discipline at #2 throws me a bit.  I’d have figured Uniforms, Twinks, Muscles, or even Rimming to get a higher placement.  Shows how much I know (which is why I dig research).  Fistfucking, too, comes in higher than I’d have predicted.  I’d already known that Piss/Watersports is actually popular, but only because of what I do for a living; prior to that, there’s no way I’d have thought so many guys are into Watersports.

So, is any of this news to you?

The next blog post will break out the fetishes by Bottom/Top, and by Safesexers/Barebackers.  Stay tuned.

About a year-and-a-half ago, when I moved to The East Village, I stopped cutting my hair.  I’d wanted to experience a different trip, or a different leg of my life’s journey, just to see what it’s like.  I grew my hair in my mid-teens (‘til Dad said cut it!), again in my early 20s, then again a couple of years later when I was lead singer in a rock band (in the days of Pearl Jam, et al).  At age 42, I thought I’d give it one more shot, while I’ve still got the hair to do it with.

I also did it because I don’t think long hair is sexy.  Yes, don’t.  Why would I do that?  Because I got sick of thinking of myself according to sexiness, and placing too much emphasis on whether or not others thought of me that way.  I wanted to “untether” myself (I wasn’t exactly chained) from others’ perceptions.  So far, it’s worked out nicely.  Now, I’m more about allowing myself to just BE. 

I think long hair looks much cooler than short hair, just not sexier.  For all the years I had a regular day job, whenever I’d seen a man over a certain age with long hair, I’d wonder what he does for a living to be able to have his hair like that.   I’d also admire him for being so free, which is one of my major Life Trips.

But there is something I wasn’t expecting.  Part of maturing is not being defined by that which is outside oneself, as much as what is inside; that which is actual, as opposed to projected. It’s taught me that I’ve finally arrived at that age, where the hair or the clothes don’t make me. 

I make the hair and the clothes.

I’ve also learned that guys still want to play with me, even though I no longer look like Mr. Cop/Marine.  However, I still think most guys are like me: into short hair.

What do you think?  Please check out the long hair/short hair poll to the right and let us know.

The Örgy Guy

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