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Exhibit C: Voyeurism – Post #47

Half the world lives
Half the world makes
Half the world gives
While the other half takes

Half the world is
Half the world was
Half the world thinks
While the other half does

~ ”Half the World,” N. Peart ‘96

Wednesday, 12/19/12 5:07 PM
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I’m intrigued by the current poll results, regarding the age men are at their hottest.  I hadn’t expected so many guys (42%) to say middle-aged men are hottest. 

Maybe I’m not as weird as I’d thought (or as the media wants me to believe I am).


This is the third installment of the results from the 2010 sex survey I posted on surveymonkey.  Last week’s post talked about who likes a good pounding and who’s more into the slow & steady.   This week, it’s about voyeurism.  Who likes to watch?  And who likes to watch the most, safers or barebackers?  Tops or bottoms?

The graphs are on


My peak year as an orgy-goer (pre-host) was 2007.  Early in the year, it was Ed & Steve’s and the Loft parties.  That summer and fall, I went to pretty much every party held at the W. 29th Street space: Lidell’s, Troy’s, Hunteur’s, Lou’s.  Then there was the B&D party on Friday nights.  Those didn’t have any sex, though; I had to wait until after 2AM for that to start.

But even as much sex as I had, the best memories I have of those nights were about the watching part.  I would stand in a strategic spot (y’all know how to cruise?) and watch the match-ups develop.  See who was checking out whom.  Maybe get in a better position, predicting where they’d end up fucking, if they’d end up fucking.  I’d also look around to see who else was checking them out, because, well, I’m not the only voyeur.  I wanted to get to the best viewing spot before he did.

At the same time, though, it was important not to frighten them away.  Like bird watching.  But unlike bird watching, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t mind it at all, or even want it.  Or one of them could just get weirded out and that was that.  Can’t weird out the top because he needs to be hard enough to get it in, and having someone right there could be distracting.  So I’d wait for the fucking to actually start before getting close. 

Then I’d crouch down and get right up in it, especially if it was a sling.  The 29th Street parties were usually lit well enough to see The Junk.  What a privilege.

If they fucked long enough, I’d usually cum, but most times they’d stop first.  Those times, though, I’d often stand up and trade places with the top.  Hot stuff.  Except one time when I didn’t realize who the bottom was, and I ended up fucking someone I already knew, and totally wouldn’t have fucked at all.  But, as I was already inside the guy – and seeing how he was quite happy with the sudden turn of events – I fucked him for a quick minute.


Half the world cries
Half the world laughs
Half the world tries
To be the other half

I polled guys about voyeurism because I really just wanted to just wanted to find out how weird I am.

Which tends to have become a recurring theme for me.

So who’s more into watching, bottoms or tops?  According to the guys polled, tops are, 76% to 53%.  Further, even when given the option to select “Depends,” 15% of bottoms flat-out said No.  Only 3% of tops said No.  I’m a top and I’d be in the “Depends” group, which only accounts for 21%.

Overall, though, of the 182 guys who answered that question, two-thirds of the respondents said they love to watch; even, again, as they were given the option to select “Depends.”  I expected a much higher “Depends” percentage.

Bareback and safesex voyeurs, on the other hand, selected “Depends” equally. But the number of barebackers who flat-out said No to watching outweighed the safers 5 to 1.   Three fourths of safers love watching, but only (only?) two thirds of barebackers love it. 

It’s fair to say that men, in these cases gay men, tend to dig watching.  A very lot.

Given a larger group of respondents, the numbers would change, but perhaps not that much.  The larger the group, the closer to the truth.

So now you know, next time you're asked: safe sex tops tend to be voyeurs the most, bareback bottoms the least.  You can never know when you might need this information.


The next surveymonkey poll will be posted soon.   The basic demographic questions will include age, race, and region.  Please email me with questions you might want answered.  Here are a few:

Ø   Where do you fall on a scale of 1 (total bottom) to 10 (total top)?
Ø   If in a relationship, how monogomous would you want it to be?  1 (totally monogomous) to 10 (totally open, no rules)
Ø   Age of your first sexual experience?
Ø   Question for bottoms: Do you fantasize about being passed around a group of tops, or would you want to choose which tops fuck you?
Ø   Question for safe tops: Do you feel like your sensory experience is compromised by using a condom?
Ø   Question for bareback tops: Would you use a condom if the sensation were the same as doing it bare?
Ø   Most loads you’ve taken?


During the blackout, I went to the St. Mark’s Market for whatever imperishables they had left.  They had a couple of guys walking around with flashlights, helping folks find their way.  It was, like so much else that week ‘round here in the East Village and beyond, totally surreal. 

When I got to the register, the guy put all the items in bags without looking at any of them.  He then asked me how much I wanted to pay.  Fairly shocked, I replied, “Whatever it’s worth.”  He smiled and said, “How’s ten?”  “This is worth at least thirty,” and I gave him two twenties.  The guy threw one of the twenties into my bag.

I think he said, “Take advantage of it.  We’ll never see anything like this again.”

Cops closed it later that day.

The Örgy Guy

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