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2010 Survey Monkey Poll Results (Exhibit A) – Post #45

How many times do you hear it?
It goes on all day long
Everyone knows everything
And no one’s ever wrong

Show me, don’t tell me

You can twist perceptions
Reality won’t budge
You can raise objections
I will be the judge
And the jury

I’ll give it due reflection
Watching from the fence
Give the jury direction
Based on the evidence
I, the jury

~ ”Show Don’t Tell,” N. Peart ’89 (pre-internet)

Saturday, 12/1/12 6:53 PM
At home

Even back in high school, I was interested in data collection, seeking forensic patterns and truths.  During lunch (and likely during class), I’d use graph paper, different colored pens and pencils, and a ruler to build line graphs associated with rock music.  I’d figure how much I liked a particular band, over the course of the preceding bunch of years, then superimpose the lines of other bands.  I wanted to see how my tastes were changing.  I also built graphs depicting how great I thought each album was from a particular band, determining (opining, really) if they were getting better or not.

Yes, I’ve always been a freak.  And quite happy about it.


Over the spring of 2010, I posted some sex-related questions on Survey Monkey.  209 guys responded.  I’ve spent much of the last month compiling all the data and creating graphs.  Here were the questions:

   >Are you bottom, top, or vers?
      >Safe, bareback, or depends?
      >Do you give/take the load?
      >Do you prefer pounding ass/being pounded, slow and steady, or mixing it up?
      >Are you a voyeur?
      >Would you be in internet porn?
      >Any fetishes/fantasies? Listing them, unprompted by multiple choices.

The graphs are on

As is typical in polls, not everyone responded to every question, but there was usually enough to glean patterns and conclusions. I didn’t ask how old the respondents were, but I know that younger guys tend to practice safe sex more than older guys, based on other data I collect.  Other factors I’d like to include in the next poll would be race and region.

Of the 209 respondents, almost half identified themselves as versatile (48%), while approximately a third were bottoms (35%), and only 17% tops (which is not a surprise at all to most of the bottoms out there).

With regard to safe sex vs. bareback, those who bottom were pretty much in thirds: 34% were safe only, 35% were bareback only, and 31% said it depends...which really means 66% have bareback sex.  Of those who top, the number having safe sex only dropped to 25%, while 37% were bare only, and 38% “depends.”   

Some of the data served to reinforce much of what I’d already suspected.  But there were some surprises, too.  For instance, while the #1 fetish of the guys who are bareback only, is the gang bang, the #1 fetish of those practicing safe sex only is bukkake.  Not even one guy who stricly barebacks listed bukkake. 

The Top 5 for strictly barebackers (sans “depends”): gang bang, piss, fist fuck, groups, and leather.  The Top 5 for strictly safers: bukkake, bondage & discipline, gang bang, fist fuck, groups. 

As with any data, the more respondents, the higher the probability of accuracy.  The limited numbers of this poll aren’t reliable enough to satisfy scientific standards.  But then it’s not like I only asked ten guys, either, so it’s relatively useful.

Personally, the only agenda I have is building this thing I’ve got going, called The Örgy Guy.  I’m also very interested in seeing these data results because I love seeing truths, as opposed to mere opinions, and I’m obviously part of this particular population.  It’s sort of like an autopsy, where it’s far better to examine what’s actually happening inside, rather than simply having a sense (then professing it as a truth).  I am not associated with any agencies or groups, though I’m not necessarily averse to helping one.

Over the course of the next month – the remainder of 2012 – I will roll out portions of these data and conclusions.  The raw numbers and graphs will be posted on, while the gleanings will be posted here, on this blog.

Starting in 2013, I will be posting a new set of poll questions on Survey Monkey.  In the meantime, I’m asking you guys to email me with specific questions you might want asked.  It could be as benign as, “Where do you fall on a scale of 1 (totally straight) to 10 (totally gay)?”  Or it could be more salacious, like “Why don’t you practice safe sex?”  My audience is much larger than it was in 2010, when this poll was taken, so the results for the new ones will be better and more insightful.

I’m really looking forward to it.

You’ve figured out the score
I’ve heard it all before
I don’t care what you say
Let’s see Exhibit A

Show me, don’t tell me


Whenever, if ever, you request an invitation to attend a sex party – anyone’s sex party – you should submit some basic stats, like body type, weight, age, and hopefully a recent pic.  A “please” and “thank you,” or the lack thereof, are also indicative of the type of person you’re portraying yourself to be.  Sending an email to me that merely says, “PARTY INFO,” usually gets put in my No file, even if it has a picture. 


Those who’d been to any of the parties I held on Perry Street may recall the toilet seat: the decorative kind with sand and shells inside, with a crack in it.  When I moved to the East Village, I bought a “normal” toilet seat, but saved the old one in the event I’d want to sell it on eBay.  Or whatever.  Well, after someone broke the regular toilet seat here (how???), I put back the shelly one. 

If there’s anyone out there who’s really into this sort of...shit...let me know.  It certainly has a lot of history with assholes from around the world.  It could be had at the right price.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

The Örgy Guy

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