Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The New NYC Party Listings Page is Up – Post #43

I was brought up to believe
The universe has a plan
We are only human
It’s not ours to understand
~ ”BU2B,” N. Peart ‘10

Tuesday, 10/9/12 9:47 AM
Astor Place Starbucks, chilly and rainy

I’m drinking a cup of coffee paid for by the first check I’ve received for videos sold on the site.

Thanks guys.


When I started theorgyguy.com, I’d imagined all we hosts had been sitting around a conference table, brainstorming ideas on how to build the industry.  We’d collectively agreed that a social site dedicated to parties would be very good.  Very expensive and time-consuming, but very good.  When it came time for someone to volunteer, everyone else either had his head down, was doodling or answering RSVPs on his cell.
So I raised my hand.

My prior blog post talked about how I’ve had to adapt to the fact that hosts had not yet posted their parties on the new site.  They still haven’t, which has only served to kick my ass into a higher gear.
I’ve also found it’s actually more difficult to get guys to register on a social website than it is to get them to travel from one borough to another, and plunk down $20 for the mere possibility of having sex with guys they’ve never met.  And without having seen even one picture!  But the fact that the site has as many members as it currently does tells me that guys are buying into the vision I’ve described and in the promises I’ve made. 
I know that if I don’t live up to the promise, the members will go away.  I’ve learned a lot of important lessons over the last three plus years, one of which is to never (ever) take you guys for granted.
I took on the project that is theorgyguy.com, having had the idea for a while, but like a lot of things in life, I put it off.  I was more-or-less forced into changing course from hosting parties when one person, whom I still have not identified publically (nor even privately, ‘cept to one host), threw a chain in my wheel.  Instead of focusing on the person who fucked me up, hence dropping out of the race, I got up, brushed off the dirt, and cleaned the bloody wounds.  Undeterred by all the cyclists racing past me, I decided to build a new, much better, spokeless bicycle.
It’s a long-ass race yo.  There’s actually time for that.
In keeping my promise to you, I’ve been developing a database of parties in NYC and beyond.  If you’ve ever glanced at my computer screen when walking out of the bathroom here, you know how I am with data.  The concept of listing NYC parties is not original, as the AGS blog has been doing it – somewhat notoriously at times – for for a few years.  In fact, some of the copy I’ve got is lifted directly from said blog, to get me started.  I’ve been reading other hosts’ websites, gleaning information that you, the partygoer, may find useful, if not interesting.  It’s certainly been interesting to me.
I’m starting with NYC parties primarily, but it’ll grow to all of the U.S., then beyond. It’s designed to be clean, consistent, and easy to read, using limited color-coding for easier eye scanning.  The current criteria are as follows:
PARTY NAME              THE SPACE               NUDITY POLICY
LOCATION                # OF GUYS               MUSIC
ZIP CODE                AGES                    RACE
DAYS                    BODY TYPES              SUPPLIED
HOURS                   SCENE                   THEMES
EMAIL                   TYPES OF SEX            DESCRIPTION
BB/SAFE                 ALCOHOL POLICY

I won’t be posting anything with regard to donations or street addresses.  That’s private information, between member and host.
And I’m only including parties that the host has already posted online for public consumption.  There are private parties, which are not online already, and I won’t go against the host’s wishes.  Further, I am not in the business of pissing anyone off, so I’ll pay particular attention to the type of information I post, however this aspect of the site develops.  Hopefully, hosts will want to participate by posting their own information, in their own profiles and in their own ads. 
Like I said, I don’t want to make (bad) waves in my own industry, but if there’s something a host describes his party as being, but is not, I’ll list the honest answer.  I totally understand how it is to want to build numbers, but lying to achieve that isn’t the way to do it, particularly in the sex industry, where there are already enough slimeballs doing just that sort of thing.  I’d hope that hosts would hold themselves to a higher level of conduct.
:holding my breath:
One area I’ve already seen in my research, where hosts may be skewing the truth a little bit, is that almost every host describes his party as “no attitude.”  This just isn’t true.  A host might prefer it to be the case, but if he isn’t screening for it at least as carefully as he screens for, say, body type, then guys with attitudes are going to be there.  That’s just the reality of what we do.  Wanting something to be true is not necessarily congruent to the actual truth.  Or if he states that the party consists of all “hot” guys, but men resembling Donald Trump on a windy day are there, then he’s misrepresenting his party.  I’ll need to address those things as carefully as I can.
Again, I want the hosts to be happy (though I’m not as concerned with that as I was two months ago), but I must follow my own code of conduct.  I refuse to use insulting language and throw out childish ad hominems, but there are ways to diplomatically articulate a necessary and pertinent point.
The members, the partygoers, come first.
So please check out the new listings page.  Visit regularly to find the information you need and to watch the concept develop.

The X filmed orgy, held on Friday 10/5, was a success.  I got a lot of hot footage from it.  I’m not yet sure if it’s enough for the next 30-minute video.  Stay tuned.

The Örgy Guy