Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Adapt or Die, X & Tweets Return– Post #42

In a world where I feel so small
I can’t stop thinking big
~ ”Caravan,” N. Peart ‘10

Tuesday, 9/25/12 1:40 PM
Astor Place Starbuck’s

In the summer of 2007, when I was getting into making videos for youtube, I attended a one-day, NYU filmmaking class in the building at 3rd Avenue and Astor/St. Mark’s.  Well, that building has been torn down.  In its place, they’re erecting a bigger one, and even though it’s yet only the basic structure, one can easily see that this one is more architecturally interesting.

I suppose they need to try to keep up with the Frank Gehrys and Zaha Hadids of the world.


It’s been almost a month since I launched theorgyguy.com.  As a host, I was always searching for new ways to get the word out, particularly a site dedicated to parties.  So I created one. I’d anticipated that other hosts would see it as an opportunity to advertise their own parties.  Either I was flat out wrong or they just haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

Either way, it’s been very disheartening.

However, I’m a survivor and I firmly believe in adapt or die.  So I’m changing course.  Sooner or later, hosts from all over will be posting, but in the meantime, I have to shake things up.

I must adapt.

My tagline is sex party source.  Right now, that’s not what the site is.  Therefore, I am researching and compiling lists of parties in the NYC area, but more importantly, outside of NYC.  I will list only the parties that already advertise online, as there are hosts who are reluctant to reveal their information publically.  I will absolutely respect that, so any party revealed to me must already be online, and I’ll have to see its online source.

This should be the site to find out where to go if you’re travelling to another city, or just want to see the variety of what’s out there, in your own city.

I am inviting guys to contact me with any information they have regarding sex parties in their own (or any other) area.  You’d need only send me the contact info, and I’d do the rest, but you can certainly include whatever else you may deem appropriate.  You can also just provide the link to an existing online source.

The tricky part of this will be reviews.  I’ve long been an opponent to reviews for these reasons:
1)  The person writing it may have either a vested interest in the party’s success, or may just have a grudge.
2)  The person writing it may have only been to one party, which is hardly reliable, as every party has good and bad nights.  Every party.
3)  A regularly hosted party, be it weekly and especially if it’s monthly, takes a lot of time to develop.  If a new party is reviewed poorly, it may just be that it hasn’t had the time to become what the host wants it to be, so said review can actually kill it before it’s truly begun.
With this in mind, I will be sure to remember what it’s like to read a bad review about my own party.  Golden Rule.  The point would be to serve the party-goers, but to also be cognizant of what each host wants his party to be. 
If I receive a bunch of negative reviews about one party, I will likely not post them, but instead contact the host first, to see what his thoughts are.  It would be an opportunity for him to make some changes.  I’ll probably pay more attention to parties with consistent positive reviews, which would naturally direct guys to that party, without bad-mouthing any parties that are sub-optimal. 
I will be paying particular attention to point #1, the person writing it, and whether or not he’s reliable.  Some of this will require my experience, but also my gut.  Either way, I’ll do my best, and I definitely will not be accepting any bribes. 
The brand I’ve built, over the last few years, has been that of an ethical, thoughtful, and smart guy in an industry that employs a lot of slime. It’s in my own best interest to ensure that the reader trusts me.  Or, in many cases, continues to trust me.
So please feel free to email me at theorgyguy@gmail.com if you have something to say.  You could be anywhere in the world; I want to build the most comprehensive sex party site anywhere, so that I can honestly call my site, the sex party source.

I used to tweet real-time updates during each party.  I stopped about a year ago, and I’ve started it back up again.  This time, it’s not on Twitter, but on theorgyguy.com.  You just have to search my screen name (The Orgy Guy), then click on it.  That will take you to the updates on my Activity page.  You can also post your own updates in your profile, for others to see, or comment on my updates.  Post your favorite parties or whatever, but please don’t bad-mouth any members or parties.  So please register on the site, to see how the parties are going.  Other hosts will ba able to do this (once someone besides me actually post his parties!).  That’ll happen.


Regarding membership, know that I have never used anyone’s email address for any reason other than the one they expect.  Meaning, if you’re on my email alert list, you get weekly email alerts,  but if you’re not already on that list, I won’t place the email address you registered on the site with, on the email list.  Long-short: it’s safe to register; I won’t use or sell your address to anyone for SPAM or any other purpose. 


The next X filmed orgy will be on Friday 10/5.  Please see the emails for specifics.   RSVPing is available on the site.  

This party gets a lot of good buzz and the sex is very hot, which you already know if you’ve seen any of the videos.

Doors are 8PM to 8:45PM only, so that the door isn’t buzzing while filming is going on.

The Örgy Guy