Saturday, December 10, 2011

12/2 °X° DVD Giveaway, HÖLE Gangbang 12/23, and Fair Balance – Post #37

I can learn to resist
Anything but temptation
I can learn to co-exist
With anything but pain
I can learn to compromise
Anything but my desires
I can learn to get along
With all the things I can’t explain

                    ~”Resist,” N. Peart ‘96

Saturday 12/10/11 3:26 P.M.
At home

Guys sometimes ask me how I’m able to have all these people in my home.  “Doesn’t it get to you after a while?”  Nope, it doesn’t, because of the guys who come.  For the most part, they’re really cool.  My guys are usually thoughtful and respectful men, with whom I could happily spend time with outside of the parties; they seem to be of good character, exemplifying the qualities I dig: non-dramatic, non-manipulative, confident in themselves, and responsible for their own happiness.  They just happen to be pigs, more or less, who are affirmative, eager, and somewhat brave about their sexuality.  I see these orgies as presenting the most men of boyfriend material.

And they continually restore my faith in humanity after day-to-day folks too often drag it down.


The °X° filmed gangbang was an enormous success.  Everyone got here by 8:45, the fucking started almost immediately and didn’t stop until the party wound down, and it seemed every guy had a great time.  I didn’t record the Heat Index levels for this one, but I can tell you that it was all 3s and 4s (yes, even 4s!).  Besides the actual slingfucking, other really hot parts were the early moments when guys were sitting and standing around the sling, staring at the hole and beating off; and when, while the slingee was being abused by the slinger, guys surrounding the sling were getting fucked while standing up.  I also got a lot of amazing footage, which will be given away on DVDCheck the schedule to see which parties.  The release party will be the Sunday 12/11 ERUPTIÖN orgy.

The next °X° will be a safe sex gangbang, in January.  I don’t produce DVDs that mix bare and safe, and those DVDs will be given out at PEÄK parties. 

Options, choices.  Respect.

The gangbang concept is one which guys really love and I’ve regularly been asked if I’ll plan one.  Since the first one went so well (even as it was filmed), we’re going to have the non-filmed kind, HÖLE, on Friday 12/23.  Like the first °X°, the first HÖLE will also be bareback.  Having a short doors-open window of time helps to ensure a large number of guys all at once, so we’ll do it that way again for HÖLE. Doors 8PM-9PM.

°X° was the first time I worked with designated bottoms and it actually went very smoothly.  There are three potential caveats to having designated bottoms:

1)  They need to show up
2)  Hurt feelings (his and mine) if not “chosen” to be a designated bottom
3)  Some can be picky about who fucks them

The third one is relatively easy.  Pickiness is easily spotted.  I realize there’s nothing wrong with being selective based on one’s personal tastes – I certainly am – but it’s got to be more gangbang and less “I’ll let you and you and you fuck me.” 

For reliability, I’ve considered having them put down money up front, to be returned upon arrival.  Seems too complicated.  For °X°, I more-or-less hoped they’d show up.  Two out of the three did, which worked quite well, but therein lies a fourth potential caveat: the third guy (who’s been to several of my parties over two years), may not come to another party out of embarrassment that he didn’t show.  He’s certainly welcome to attend more orgies here; I just won’t schedule him as a designated bottom is all.

Hurt feelings and perceived elitism are the toughest ones for me, and the main reasons I hadn’t had this type of party until now. There’s no power trip in this for me.  The only person I want power over is myself.  That is enough, and that is hard enough.  And the idea that I am somehow eligible to judge other guys’ sexiness really stinks.  The guy I think about isn’t so much the one who's like, Oh well I gave it a try, but for the one who thinks, Maybe I’m not as cute as I thought I was, or worse, I guess I’m not as attractive as I used to be.  Don’t give me, nor anyone else, that much power yo.

If I’m going to run with this gangbang concept, I have to get over it.  And so would the men “undesignated.”

If only for the sake of being progressive.

One of the first porn videos I ever saw was a hooker spread out on a desk in an office.  The guys were...well...normal guys you’d see in an office.  One by one, they fucked her, while the others watched and beat off, waiting their turn.  One of the guys seemed a little shy, so another guy said, “It’s OK, you can fuck her, too.”  So he did.

That is hot!  That’s what I want!  It wasn’t an assembly line of cookie-cut models out of GQ magazine; they were regular men, some better looking than others.  That, to me, is a gangbang.

I want bottoms who’d rather be in that sling than anywhere else.  I want the guy who’s going to have the time of his life.  I want the Dream Come True for him. 

I want the bottom who jerks off fantasizing about being raped by bunch of strangers.

Because that’s what it is, y’know.

Both designated bottoms at °X° were perfect, and perfectly fuckable.  One of them wore a hood because he loved the concept of being fucked by one random man after another.  The other one...the look in his eyes was priceless.  He was the proverbial little kid on Christmas morning. 

Both of them could play with just about anyone they’d want, but their trips are more along the lines of the random, “Just put it in me.” 

There are other guys like that.  It’s my job to find them.

Ö Ö Ö 

If you’re interested in being a designated bottom, please email pictures depicting your ass, body, and face, instead of links to dudesnude or whatever.  The ass gets posted on the blog, the face isn’t shared with anyone.  They must accurately represent what you look like now, current or not.  Please also tell me if you play safe or bare.  I will either reply with a respectful “not what I’m looking for” or with a questionnaire, which will help me to determine where your head’s at and how reliable you seem to me.


In pharmaceutical marketing, there is a term called, “fair balance.”  It’s the fine print in a drug ad and that part in the commercial where the speaker lowers voice, quickly noting the side effects. 

I feel like I ought to add some fair balance to the entry I posted last month, about VGLs, volunteering myself as one of them.  I only received one response to it, which was positive and thoughtful, but this is for the guys who may have thought, Oh please, Mary, get over yourself

I am over myself. 

But here’s some fair balance, anyway.

I’m never the most exciting (nor endowed) guy at sex parties.  In fact, I’m usually standing in a corner with my arms folded. I’m shy, I’m quiet, I’m insecure.   It usually takes me a while to get going, if I ever get going.  In this regard, I likely come off as a bit intimidating and not exactly the life of the party.  I don’t mean to be that way, but it is what it is.

These are not good qualities for a good orgy. 

However, once if I do get going, I’ll fuck the living biatch out of the guy, or guys, I’m playing with...


Whatever it is you may celebrate, I hope yours is the best you’ve ever had, this month especially.

The Örgy Guy