Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Location 5/1 & Floating Parties – Post #30


Wednesday 4/13/11 4:22 P.M.
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Well we’ve got the new space for May 1st.  East Village, near Cooper Union and St. Mark’s Place.  Very happening area, near three different subways.  The space is bigger than the Perry Street location, with an additional room and a private backyard space.  Contact me for the address.  I’ll probably change the name from The Club House to something as yet undetermined.  For the rest of April, all parties are still on Perry.  I hope you’ll come and show your support while we’re still here in the West Village. Only seven left!  With 246 orgies hosted here, this space is practically a NYC gay men’s institution.


I’m introducing a new concept: floating parties.  Whether it’d be twice a month or ten times a month, I want to explore having the parties in other guys’ apartments.  Any new space tends to peak interest, and this could be an ongoing thing with new spaces all the time. 

If you’ve been contemplating whether your space would be conducive to having parties, this could be your chance to make that determination.  It’s an opportunity to observe how it’s done, by someone who’s hosted over 250 of them.

Plus you’d be paid for it.  That, alone, could be the reason you’d want to do it.

Note that I’d be the host, so you can just enjoy the party.  Whatever you’d choose to do after the party, the kind of party you’d like to host, would obviously be up to you, but that night’s soiree would be my party.  I’ve got the list, I’ve got the experience, and I’ve got the rep.  Sit back and relax.

The space would have to be clean and, very importantly, not cluttered, as well as large enough.  If you’ve seen my current space, you know I’m not looking for HUGE.  In order to ensure that you don’t back out last-minute, I’d require money to be put down, which would be returned to you after the party, along with the money you’d make from the party.

Although it’s possible to try areas outside of Manhattan, at some point, I’m looking for spaces that are relatively close to my own apartment: Manhattan proper, but not very far north.

Your address would not be sent out to everyone on my list – just those who RSVP.

If you’re interested, please drop me a line at

This could change everything.


The Örgy Guy

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