Monday, March 28, 2011

Relocating – Post #29


Monday 3/28/11 3:33 P.M.
At Home

I love my West Village neighborhood and my apartment, but not enough to pay 30% more than my current lease, which is what they're jacking it up to.  Therefore, I’m looking for an apartment in the East Village.  Ground floor or maybe sublevel.  Pretty much 3rd Street to 13th Street, between University/Broadway and Avenue A.  Maybe east of Avenue A if it’s a good deal, but I want it to be close to the subways.  I pay $2,000/month here on Perry for a studio; I’m looking for a 1 bedroom for a similar amount or, of course, less.  Washer/dryer would be awesome (otherwise it’s back to paper towels) and no doorman is a must.

The East Village is much funkier, like the West Village used to be.  It’s more conducive to my kind of orgies.  It’s also more my speed.

If someone is able to hook me up with this, he’ll be my personal party guest for the first six months.

May 1st move date.  Until then we’ll have the regular party schedule in April.


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