Monday, March 28, 2011

Relocating – Post #29


Monday 3/28/11 3:33 P.M.
At Home

I love my West Village neighborhood and my apartment, but not enough to pay 30% more than my current lease, which is what they're jacking it up to.  Therefore, I’m looking for an apartment in the East Village.  Ground floor or maybe sublevel.  Pretty much 3rd Street to 13th Street, between University/Broadway and Avenue A.  Maybe east of Avenue A if it’s a good deal, but I want it to be close to the subways.  I pay $2,000/month here on Perry for a studio; I’m looking for a 1 bedroom for a similar amount or, of course, less.  Washer/dryer would be awesome (otherwise it’s back to paper towels) and no doorman is a must.

The East Village is much funkier, like the West Village used to be.  It’s more conducive to my kind of orgies.  It’s also more my speed.

If someone is able to hook me up with this, he’ll be my personal party guest for the first six months.

May 1st move date.  Until then we’ll have the regular party schedule in April.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


There's a blog out there that lists my parties without my permission, and it gives incorrect information (guys have come to my home on the wrong night due to this).  Over the last nine months, I've asked the proprietor of that site three times to stop (consider this to be the fourth).  He has stated that one just has to ask to be removed, but obviously that's not true.

I don't think he's a bad guy, just one who apparently doesn't give a shit about others' wishes.

I'm posting this to dispel an inaccuracy.  As opposed to what that site says, I actually DO NOT have an "open door policy."  I decline guys, mostly the ones who seem to take themselves too seriously; anyone immature, regardless of age; and guys who are large waisted. The hot guys who come tend to be naturally hot and don't take themselves too seriously.  Frankly, women do that, and that's just not the kind of party I want to attend, less host.  The gym guys who come are usually cool and actually have sex, as opposed to standing around the perimeter looking bored or angry. Some of them are just raunchy pigs.

I prefer men over 35 to come, but the sophisticated younger guys are absolutely welcome.  There are almost always guys here in their 20s, and they're sophisticated.  Here is the breakout of ages of the men who've come to all the parties, from September 2010 until the present:

20s: 12%
30s: 24%
40s: 30%
50s: 24%
60s: 4%
70s: 6% (mostly the same guy, who also happens to be one of my best friends)

Again, I DO NOT have an open door policy. I just invite the guys who make an orgy GOOD and HOT, which is why so many men come back.