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Parties vs. Online Cruising – Post #24


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“All the world’s indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another’s audience
Outside the gilded cage”
     --Peart ’81, borrowing from Shakespeare app. 1599

Orgies are like plays.  The host may set the stage, but the men who come are the characters, determining for themselves the script, the plot and sub-plots (rising action, climax, falling action), as well as how many acts there are. An alleatoric drama, if you will, whereby it’s left largely to chance, with dialogue composed of body language, primal intonations, and perhaps seven or eight oft-repeated words.

Add one more “off” to Off-Off-Broadway.


Cybercruising is such a hassle.  It seems like it would be an effective and efficient way to hook up: find a match then get together.  Simple.

Well, not really.  Here’s how it usually goes, at least for me, whether throwing an ad on Craig’s List or cruising one of the hook-up sites:

I get messages from guys who say they’re interested.  If I am, too, I reply in kind.  However, while I’m waiting for a response, he’s corresponding with a few other guys and considering who’s the best fit.  Essentially, I’m in line.  So I wait for a response.  Meanwhile, another guy contacts me who’s more my type than the one I already replied to and am still waiting on.  I figure if the first guy doesn’t work out, then this guy is the one I’m going to go with, but I don’t want to tell him I’m waiting on another guy.  Finally, the first guy gets back to me with a question; something like, “u pnp?”  I don’t use meth, and I tell him it’s probably not a match.  While that’s happening, three more guys contact me to hook up.  One of them is my type, but I’ve also got that second guy to get back to, so I do.  He doesn’t read my response right away.  I wait, wondering when I should take a Viagra.  By now, it’s been twenty minutes of cruising.  First guy gets back to me to say it’s OK, we don’t have to party.  As I’m wondering about how serious he is about this (and knowing full-well that he wants someone who does party), two more guys send me a message.  I check the second guy and see he opened my message, but has not gotten back to me.  He’s concurrently corresponding with three other men.  I’ve been put back on hold.  I review the messages and profiles of the other five guys – but wait, another two have contacted me – and find one I’m into.  I’m not sure what to do at this point, but I contact him.  I send a message to the first guy to ask when he can get here, but then I see I’ve finally received a message from the second guy, who wants to know if I shoot big loads.  Realizing this guy is an idiot (I shoot HUGE loads, by the way), I delete his message.  The first guy still hasn’t opened my latest email.  So, I send a message to two guys who’ve contacted me.  All I want to do is hook up before it gets too late.  By now, it’s been forty five minutes of wait-and-see correspondence.  Both new guys get back to me and both are my type.  Now what?  Suggesting we do a threesome will get way too confusing.  While I reply to one of them, asking when he can get here, four more guys hit me up.  Then the first one asks me where I live (it’s listed in my profile).  The second guy shoots me another message, also asking if I’d be into travelling to Inwood for a three-way.  One of the other guys finally gets back to me, but there’s actually nothing written in it.  Then one of the other guys sends me a message with just his phone number.  I’m wondering if I even replied to that guy in the first place.  Finally, after ninety minutes and a list of correspondence with five men, plus eleven others who contacted me, one of the men and I agree that he’ll come here at about 11:15 PM.  It’s now 10:30 and I take that Viagra.  11:00 rolls around and I see he’s still logged on to the site.  I ask if he’s still coming, he doesn’t reply.  So, still wanting to get laid and not wanting to waste this Viagra, I start looking at the other guys who messaged me.  Finally, he gets back to me and says he was in the shower and he’s leaving now. 

But he never shows up.

This is, at least for me, the world of cyber-cruising.  On the rare occasion that I do cybercruise, I hook up sometimes, but a 60% success rate would be pushing it.  I really can’t stand negotiations, endless emails, the bullshit.  That is why, once I discovered parties, I went almost exclusively in that direction.

You may not hook up at a party, but your chances are signifantly increased.  You’re able to do your “shopping” right there, with a number of guys and types to choose from.  No pictures and words in a profile, just the real deal being played out right in front of you.

Hopefully, you’ll spend a few hours of extremely hot, dream-like sex with a lot of different guys.  At the very least, you’ll have a night out, being treated to a very privileged form of performance art.

Regardless, it’s better than waiting ‘til it’s too late, then having to admit defeat and beat off after that dude stood you up.

Come to the party yo.



The reason I've had separate parties for safe/bb is because I want guys to have as little negotiating to do as possible.   I don't like being at a party and having to figure out if a potential bottom is safe or bare. It can be a letdown for both guys if it's not a match. FÜSION addresses this.

It also brings together the men from both halves of my email list.

Baseball style, color-coded wristbands are available if you want to let guys know if you prefer safe or bare. Totally optional. Limits the need for negotions.

The first two will be on Tuesday 11/23 and Wednesday 11/24.  There will be no party on Thanksgiving Thursday, the only Thursday in the year that there isn’t a party here.

I wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

The Örgy Guy

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