Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is it hot in here or is just you? – Post #20


Saturday 10/2/10 6:46 P.M.

The Highline, NYC

“Take a walk outside myself

To some exotic land

Greet a passing stranger

Feel the strength in his hand

Feel the world expand”

-- Peart ‘89

It doesn’t get much better than this: post-sunset on The Highline. Live jazz. Quiet conversations.


From the feedback I’ve gotten, guys really appreciate how forthright I am about the orgies. I try to give as much useful information as I can, which has really made a difference with regard to how hot the parties have been. Like building a successful sports team, the men who’ve been coming (for the most part) have been the right guys for a great party.

For the last ten weeks, I’ve been measuring how the hot the parties have been, in 15 minute segments. Every party is different, and this allows me (and you) to determine which parties have been the hottest. Most useful, perhaps, is that I post it real-time on Twitter. It’s important to give you guys the kind of reliable and honest information you’d like to have.

It’s also a matter of respect.

Usually, the parties are hot, but sometimes they’re not. That’s the nature of all sex parties. But, with this information, I’m better able to distinguish what’s working from what isn’t, then attempt to rectify it. I’m calling it Örgyology, and there’s a page on this blog dedicated to it.

The Heat Index is especially important if you’re following the parties on Twitter, because I tell you how hot the orgy is, at that moment, with a number. If you don’t know what the number means, then it’s pretty useless. I can’t explain it with each and every tweet, so understanding the index is necessary.

1 = two or more guys, but nothing happening.

2 = some BJs and maybe some fucking

3 = sex all over and/or a lot of sexual tension about to break

4 = so sexually hot and active, the place seems like it’s spinning

For an entire party, the index average should be above a 2. No party is going to have an average of 4; there are always peaks and valleys, which may each only last fifteen minutes. It is almost all due to the players, the men who are in attendance, which is why I pay close attention to personalities.

I hope this helps you. It’s definitely helped the orgies.


On to the TÖG Reality Show, where I identify a stranger whom I’d like to see having sex, but I won’t invite him to a party until I’ve told you a little bit about him. I’ve already identified the first guy, who works in the lighting district. Check out the TÖG Reality Show page on this blog.

I’m going to go there on Sunday 10/3 to see if he’ll...cum for us. Stay tuned to Twitter for updates. Screen name @theorgyguy.


I’ve heard some really cool comments from you guys, but maybe the best one was at a party last week. A super attractive guy told me that his fantasy had just been fulfilled, to be gangbanged by a group of strangers.

I’m fairly certain he’ll be back.

The Örgy Guy

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