Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Memoriam, Safe Sex Parties, More – Post #23


Saturday 10/30/10 4:30 P.M.

At Home

“Horizon to horizon

Memory written on the wind

Fading away like an hourglass

Grain by grain

Swept away like voices in a hurricane

In a vapor trail

In a vapor trail”

--Peart ‘01

Most of us who go to sex parties keep it separated from our everyday lives. Well...maybe not me as much, but most of you. And sometimes, for various reasons, regulars stop coming. They move, they get boyfriends (some of whom have met here), they need a change-of-scenery. Unless he tells me, I just get the picture over time, not having seen him in a while.

But recently I did find out.

A friend and party regular died suddenly last week at his home. With continued respect for his privacy, I will not mention his name.

We who knew him are shocked and sadenned. He was well-liked and is already missed. When I was first going to sex parties, I admired how he could walk in, find a bottom, and immediately get busy. I wanted to be able to that, rather than have to take an hour to warm up.

Then I learned his secret and adopted it: Viagra.

You’ll be missed for a long time, buddy. Especially bottoms. Peace and thank you for the memories. I hope we brought some extra joy to your life. I know you brought joy to ours...

I’ve got video of it. :)


The parties have recently gone green. We’re re-using the clothes bags, at least until they’re torn, and using stacks of real bar towels rather than paper towels. Please don’t throw them in the garbage and definitely don’t throw them in the toilet.


I’ve been living here for eighteen months and have never once stopped up the toilet, myself. It occasionally gets stopped up during parties, which I’d always been able to remedy easily with a small plunger. Last Thursday, however, was a different case.

A case which cost me $330 (and a bathroom run to Manatus Diner) to repair.

I have to take responsibility for it because I let strangers into my home. You take chances by coming, I take chances by letting you in. But part of my responsibility is to try to keep it from happening (again).

And so, to the toiletly challenged, I give you,

“How to Take a Shit in 3 Easy Steps!”

#1 Open lid and look inside. If yellow and/or brown, feel free to flush it down, but if full of paper (or anything else foreign), don’t wait for later. Contact the host to fish it out.

#2 Shit.

#3 When you’re confident the act of shitting is accomplished (and nothing foreign came out of your ass), you will wipe. Unless your asshole is the side of a donut, you will only need four or five squares of toilet paper. The subsequent wipes should require fewer squares, like three or four. Wipe thorougly three times, then check to see if more will be required. If it is one of those endless wipes, which may demand more than four wipes, flush the toilet before continuing [you may want to squat upward unless you want misty balls]. Repeat as necessary.

I was pissed when it happened, but I hope whoever did it had some sort of Lucy or Niles Moment in the bathroom. A story to be told at cocktail parties. By people he's never even met.

For generations to come.


The last three PEÄK parties drew relatively small crowds. Like too small for my liking. As a host of all-male orgies, I have the responsibility to provide safe sex parties. Therefore, I will and would not stop them, but I may need to schedule fewer. I will wait until after this Tuesday’s PEÄK party to come up with the rest of the November schedule.

If you want to support the safe sex parties, please let me know by coming on Tuesday. Thanks.

The Örgy Guy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

As an Attendee – Post #22

Sunday 10/24/10 2:39 P.M.

At Home

“The impulse is pure

Sometimes our circuits get shorted

By external interference

Signals get crossed

And the balance distorted

By internal incoherence”

--Peart ‘81

The weather here was beautiful, this morning and early afternoon. I figured I’d be writing this on the pier, but I need to bang this out and I don’t have time for distractions.

Besides, the clouds have invaded.


I went to a sex party, Friday night. I stayed for a few hours and had a decent time – nothing overwhelming. I think I fucked four or five guys.

Some guys there probably thought I’m stuck up. I'm not the type to play with everyone and a lot of the time I’m just not ready. It usually takes me some time to get warmed up, when I first get to a party, and that often happens from watching other guys having sex. That also helps me to determine if I’m a match with someone; he’s gotta be able to take me.

If I’m fucking a guy and another guy (or guys) is getting off on touching me, that’s usually fine, but when the finger starts working it’s way to my ass...well...I move his hand away. If it happens a second time, I move it away again. If there’s a third, I’ll turn around. I mean no offense; I just don’t want that finger up my ass is all.

I’ve been “accused” of being a stuck up Chelsea dude. No fucking way, even if I do stand in the corner with my arms folded. My taste in men is often not very orthodox, but it does tend to be pretty specific. I know what I’m into (just like everyone else). If there’s a nice ass winking at me from across the room, there’s a good chance I’ll fuck it even if I’m not that into the guy, but the circumstances need to be right (as in I’ve got a hard-on). If the timing is not right, I may even walk away from someone I’m into, hoping the situation will be right the next time.

Orgies are not exactly conducive to explanations.

But all this got me to thinking about how I’d perceive myself, the attendee, if I were the observing host. If I had the opportunity to see myself at a party, what would I think of myself? If I didn’t actually see me fucking, I’d probably think I was uncomfortable and not having a good time. I might even remove myself from the list.

This has taught me re-affirmed that I have to learn to be more patient, as a host, and not project so much. There’s a difference between accessing my real experience and assuming I know what a guy is thinking and feeling. I tend to project negatively, anyway.

I did have a good time on Friday night and I even invited some of the guys to my parties.

I wonder, though, if I’d have invited myself.


Curious, I asked one of the hosts of that party what he charges to rent the space. His response, “It depends on your oral skills.” Ignoring what he said, I asked again. He thought I wasn’t catching on, so he iterated it. Twice. I finally said, “I know what you’re saying and it’s not gonna happen.”

Are you out of your fucking mind?


Been getting a good response to the new oral party. The first one will be on Wednesday, October 27th. Wednesday is not my usual day, but it was a good turn-out the last time we had a Wednesday party.

As usual, have whatever kind of sex you want.

The Örgy Guy

Monday, October 18, 2010

My 36 Years of Sex – Post #21


Sunday 10/17/10 2:15 P.M.

At Home

My earliest sexual attraction was at age six, while on a family vacation in Washington D.C. At the hotel pool, my brother took me to the men’s room (which had showers) to pee. When we opened the door, there was a beautiful man, with a black mustache and hairy chest, standing there completely naked, and drying himself off. I looked at my brother, he shrugged, and I walked past the man to an empty stall. I didn’t close the stall door completely, keeping it slightly ajar so I could stare at this man, who was carrying on a conversation with another man taking a shower. I took my time peeing, not only to continue staring, but to give the other man time to finish his shower so I could see him, too.

I had my first sexual experience when I was either four or five years old; my big brother, who is now a “conservative Christian,” gave me a blowjob. After that and throughout my pre-teen childhood, I got most of the boys on the block to do the same thing. They were Timmy, Scott, Phil, Chad, Jimmy, Sal, Mikey, Mike, and Tommy. I wasn’t able to get Darren or Kenny. And I didn’t want Petey.

Mostly in the woods and during sleep-overs, which they always hosted.

At age thirteen, I’d heard that there was an eighteen-year-old kid named Carl who showed a boy how to jerk off. Obviously intrigued enthralled, I manipulated him into doing it for me in a shack in the woods. That was the first time I’d ever seen cum, and his dick was freaking HUGE. It would be another nine months before I was able to achieve an orgasm, still at age thirteen.

Once in my teens, boys my age knew what “gay” meant, so they wouldn’t do it anymore. I never seemed gay, myself, so no one was soliciting me. I didn’t dare come on to another high school kid for fear of being called a fag.

There was no such thing as the internet back then, so I had no way of reaching out to find other like-minded boys...or men. I’d have given anything to have some sort of sex with a grown man (I became obsessed with certain male teachers). If I’d have had access to the internet, I’d have gotten into a whole lot of trouble.

Hence, my teens were almost devoid of any sex at all, with the rare BJ from Phil.

When I was nineteen years old, I began going to NYC with the hope that a man would pick me up. I spent most of my time at Washington Square Park. After several attempts, one guy finally did. His name was German. We went to his place here in the West Village and had some “oral time” together. He had one of the tiniest cocks I still have ever seen.

I didn’t care much about that then, and I still don’t.

Then, on my 21st birthday, my sister was to meet me at a Park & Ride on Long Island. She went to Exit 52, but I mistakenly went to Exit 49, which, unknown to me, was a major cruising spot. While waiting and reading “No One Here Gets Out Alive,” a bio on The Doors, two men in a white Toyota Celica kept circling me. Keep in mind, this was in broad daylight. They stopped and asked me for the time; I gave it to them, then they pulled away. It wasn’t until I noticed the skin mag one of the guys was holding up that I realized what actually was happening. Eventually, my sister met me there and we headed to Manhattan to see Phantom of the Opera, but I kept thinking about the Park & Ride. The next evening, I went back and officially became sexually active.

Now at age 21, I could go to the bars to meet men. I spent most of my time at a bar in Rockville Centre, Long Island called Grand Central. Every Tuesday and Saturday. We danced to “Vogue,” “Groove is in the Heart,” and “Gonna Make You Sweat.” It was a new world for me and I fell for it, head-over-heels.

Even though I almost always left with someone, I didn’t actually fuck for the first year-plus; it was all oral. I remember thinking about how I’d be a bad boyfriend because I didn’t like fucking, certainly not as a bottom, but even as a top. I was too young to realize how much we change. I also recall being with this older guy (he was 25). When we got to his aparment, he had gay porn playing. I wanted him to forward through the fucking because I thought it was gross.

Imagine that.

By 22, I met my first boyfriend, who was 44. We were together for six years, and I played bottom. When I met my second boyfriend, at age 30, I still played bottom, but I was starting to change. When we broke up, when I was 32, guys just wanted me to fuck them. By the time I was 37 and discovered orgies, my persona had changed from meek, young, and somewhat submissive, to what one guy called “the famous top,” with a reputation that got guys to talk about me when I wasn’t even there. Bottoms (and even a few tops) follow me around at sex parties.

These days, I don’t go to other sex parties much, because I’m around sex so much at my own parties. I need to hit the “reset button” and enjoy the spaces in between.

I don’t know if there’s another boyfriend in my future, but in the meantime, my 36-year-long sex life has been a good one, and one which I thoroughly enjoy...

...from top to bottom.


New party concept!


According to the stats on my blog, there are actually more men who identify themselves as oral, than top. There should be a party dedicated to these guys.

As always, guys are free to have whatever kind of sex they want here; I just bill it as a certain type of party. I’m curious to see the type of crowd this attracts, as I’m more of a...fucker. I absolutely love a great blowjob, though. The first one will be on Wednesday, October 27th.


Orgy concepts you will never see on my schedule:








The Örgy Guy

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is it hot in here or is just you? – Post #20


Saturday 10/2/10 6:46 P.M.

The Highline, NYC

“Take a walk outside myself

To some exotic land

Greet a passing stranger

Feel the strength in his hand

Feel the world expand”

-- Peart ‘89

It doesn’t get much better than this: post-sunset on The Highline. Live jazz. Quiet conversations.


From the feedback I’ve gotten, guys really appreciate how forthright I am about the orgies. I try to give as much useful information as I can, which has really made a difference with regard to how hot the parties have been. Like building a successful sports team, the men who’ve been coming (for the most part) have been the right guys for a great party.

For the last ten weeks, I’ve been measuring how the hot the parties have been, in 15 minute segments. Every party is different, and this allows me (and you) to determine which parties have been the hottest. Most useful, perhaps, is that I post it real-time on Twitter. It’s important to give you guys the kind of reliable and honest information you’d like to have.

It’s also a matter of respect.

Usually, the parties are hot, but sometimes they’re not. That’s the nature of all sex parties. But, with this information, I’m better able to distinguish what’s working from what isn’t, then attempt to rectify it. I’m calling it Örgyology, and there’s a page on this blog dedicated to it.

The Heat Index is especially important if you’re following the parties on Twitter, because I tell you how hot the orgy is, at that moment, with a number. If you don’t know what the number means, then it’s pretty useless. I can’t explain it with each and every tweet, so understanding the index is necessary.

1 = two or more guys, but nothing happening.

2 = some BJs and maybe some fucking

3 = sex all over and/or a lot of sexual tension about to break

4 = so sexually hot and active, the place seems like it’s spinning

For an entire party, the index average should be above a 2. No party is going to have an average of 4; there are always peaks and valleys, which may each only last fifteen minutes. It is almost all due to the players, the men who are in attendance, which is why I pay close attention to personalities.

I hope this helps you. It’s definitely helped the orgies.


On to the TÖG Reality Show, where I identify a stranger whom I’d like to see having sex, but I won’t invite him to a party until I’ve told you a little bit about him. I’ve already identified the first guy, who works in the lighting district. Check out the TÖG Reality Show page on this blog.

I’m going to go there on Sunday 10/3 to see if he’ll...cum for us. Stay tuned to Twitter for updates. Screen name @theorgyguy.


I’ve heard some really cool comments from you guys, but maybe the best one was at a party last week. A super attractive guy told me that his fantasy had just been fulfilled, to be gangbanged by a group of strangers.

I’m fairly certain he’ll be back.

The Örgy Guy