Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Tuesday 9/14/10 2:18 P.M.

At home

Twitter has been a great way to let guys know what's going on at a party, real time. What SUCKS about it is the limited profile capacity. Forty characters? It's as if they, the folks at Twitter, actually don't want us to know who's following.

I have my Twitter posts locked, for very obvious reasons, only opening them for someone when I know he's a male over 18. I've gotten dozens of requests from people who are completely anonymous to me. In my (ever so) short bio, I state very clearly that requests must be emailed to me, with age and pic. It's amazing how many people don't read that.

I don't care what the would-be-follower looks like, I just want at least some assurance (even if it's a freaking lie!) that he's male and over 18. Why does that have to be so difficult?

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