Sunday, September 12, 2010

Musings and Etiquette – Post #17


Saturday 9/11/10 4:38 P.M.

(Actually it’s the) Charles Street Pier

When I walk to this spot, I usually take Perry Street to the highway. It isn’t my favorite part of The Village, but it’s still a nice walk. After crossing Greenwich Street, the road becomes all stone brick. There’s no mortar between the stones, but there used to be. They were glued together by sunbaked horse shit.

A quaint thought, but I would still prefer the moss.


I don’t go to sex parties that much, anymore, because I host three of them a week. I’m around sex so much, that I actually have to limit it, so that I can retain interest. This includes the one-on-ones, which are very infrequent, bordering on scarce. It isn’t a problem for me; if it were, I’d just have more of them. My sex life is an embarrassment of riches.

When I’m on one of the sex sites I use to post ads and answer RSVPs, there are guys who naturally think I’m there cruising. Recently, I briefly explained to one of them why I don’t have one-on-ones, to which he replied how “sad” that is. First of all, he assumed something he had no business at all to assume. Secondly, he couldn’t care less about the quality of my sex life; he just selfishly wanted me to abide by his wish. I ignored him and blocked him on that site (some guys just don’t let up), but to that person, I say, Grow up.

As far as being around sex so much at my orgies, the only thing that I regret is that it limits my attending other hosts’ parties. I used to really, really love them and I went to two or three per week. At work, the following day, I’d catch myself dwelling on how much fun I’d had, the night before, and I’d greatly anticipate the next one. I miss them.


Some guys are ready as soon as they check their clothes in. I’m the type of partygoer who takes a while to warm up. I usually like to be left alone to watch, getting my horn level up before I jump in. I’ll position myself near the action, close enough to view it up-close, but not so conspicuous that I might mess things up by giving them stage fright. I try to determine if they’re into being watched.

Sex watching can be a lot like bird watching: one wrong move and it’s over.

There exists the notion that, just because a guy is at an orgy, he must be there to have sex with anybody and everybody. On occasion, guys here have told me that a particular guy shouldn’t have turned him away. “He’s at a sex party.” True, but that doesn’t mean he has to play with anyone and everyone, even you. Now granted, I don’t want anyone here who thinks he’s “too good” for everyone, but that doesn’t mean he’s obligated. At all.

Early on, I quickly learned the “cock block.” This is for guys who think it’s perfectly OK to grab an unsuspecting guy’s package, just because he’s at an orgy. Some men don’t mind this, but most (including the grabber), do mind it. Yes, it’s a sex party, but that does not lessen the value of an individual, shorten his list of rights, nor objectify him to strangers’ whims. Get the point and move on.

Sometimes, especially toward the end of a party, a guy just wants to find a spot to finish himself off. This does not necessarily mean that he’s open for business, whereby a guy will follow him around, from spot to spot, trying to join in. He needs to realize that, if someone keeps walking away, not only will he have no better chance of getting it on with him, but the dude is probably going to be forced to leave without cumming.

If this happens to you at one of my parties, please tell me. If you don’t think it’s that big a deal, know that it is to the next guy who’s forced to leave unsatisfied. That makes it my business and I’d like to be quietly told about it.

To those who are generally “in demand” at sex parties: you can discreetly tell someone, No. Say it, brush his hand away, walk away if you must. The guy will probably leave you alone, but if he doesn’t, tell the host. We don’t want annoying, innappropriate guys at our parties.

We want Fun, yet Respectful.



The Wednesday, September 29th HÖLE party has been postponed. The date is yet to be determined.

This isn’t for a lack of interest from you guys – it’s actually gotten a good amount of attention and buzz – but the current process is just too complicated. It’s a fairly simple concept, but the way I’ve employed it, isn’t. Additionally, I’m really not crazy about having guys’ asses judged on the internet. A picture doesn’t tell the story, and I really hate that anyone would feel badly that his ass “came in last.” Let it be known that I have played with the man who’s ass received the fewest votes on this blog (since removed); he is very hot and one of the most fun guys who’ve come to a TCH party. Also, I happened to cast the first vote in that Ass Poll, which was for the man who received the second-fewest votes.

We’ll revisit this soon, but I need to rework the process before committing to a date. Thanks and I apologize for any inconvenience.

We will be having an ERÜPTIÖN party, instead, on Wednesday 9/29.

The Örgy Guy

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