Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is that a virgo in your sky or are you just happy to see me? – Post #9


10:04 P.M. 7/11/10

Sidewalk Café

Are you a Pisces, Aries, or Virgo? And can I be your friend?

Seems you guys like (group) sex more than the rest of us.

At the last four parties, I’ve asked each guy for his astrological sign. I would expect, as a “rational,” science-based type of thinker, that one hundred guys would divide up pretty evenly by month born, with regard to their respective sexual propensities. This has been the case with water, air, and fire signs, but not earth signs.

Again, this is only with one hundred guys. With one thousand, I’d expect the percentages to draw much closer to each other. It’s not like they’re that far apart.

But, in the order of the zodiac, but check out the proportions in the pie chart.

Why would guys born in September seem to like group sex so much more than guys born in August? If these differences hold up over time and larger numbers, I won’t necessarily believe it’d have anything to do with the gravimetric positions of stars and constellations. But is it any more believable that it would be due to having to wear winter booties, at a year old, rather than sandals?

I don’t know, but so far, so fun.