Sunday, August 22, 2010

Categorically Speaking – Post #14


Saturday 8/21/10 5:52 P.M.

Perry Street Pier, NYC

Nine years later, the sound of sirens still makes me recoil.


More than 50% of the guys on my list come from one site. It gives each member a checklist of categories to describe what he’s into. I have collected that data of the men on my active list, and graphed it.

Water Sports at 31% made me cock my head a bit, but I’m not as surprised by the percentages as I am by the order. Group Sex and Gang Bangs at top are expected – these are men who responded to my orgy ads – but more of them are into toys than exhibition? Really? Rimming more than glory holes?

Daddies more than jocks? For real?

This is why I dig data so much. It downright outclasses assumptions.

Now, a handsome chart is all well and good, but my challenge is to turn it into successful parties. One way is to make The XTUBE Party a gang bang. Then call it “X.” More efficient and manageable than filming an orgy.

Another way to use that data is to combine a few categories. I’m developing a concept for a role play party. Maybe a uniformed cop comes in at a certain time and plays the part. A cowboy or a doctor. Virgin straight guy maybe. Probably call it TRIP. This concept can only be done well in a space this size.

If you have a fantasy and would be into fulfilling it here by playing the part, email me. There is no date set for it, yet.


This Friday 8/27 will be $WEET, the hotness contest. Read the email to see the details, including the prize. You don’t need to enter to come, but anyone may anonymously vote. I’d stated that the drawing will be at midnight, but I’m moving it to 1 A.M. and requiring each contestant to be here for sixty minutes, rather than ninety. This way, a guy who arrives by midnight can enter the contest. If you want to leave before the drawing, that’s fine; you don’t have to be present, to win.

The Örgy Guy

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